Magnolia Market Review from Someone Who Doesn’t Watch Fixer Upper

I’ve found that I get a bit of shock when I say I don’t watch Fixer Upper. Years ago, I watched HGTV for hours upon hours and loved shows like House Hunters. I had a few things spoil most of the shows for me (I won’t share so that I don’t spoil it for you too) so now the only thing I watch regularly is Flip or Flop. I had seen Fixer Upper one time before visiting Magnolia Market but that wasn’t enough for me to consider myself a true fan of Chip and Joanna’s.

Magnolia Market Review

My mom and I had planned a trip to visit my sister and her family in Dallas and when we planned it, we thought we’d spend most of the time spoiling my niece that we don’t get to see near enough. We booked the trip on a whim when we found flights for under $80 roundtrip (thank you Southwest) but we failed to realize that it was my niece’s first week of Kindergarten so she would be in school during the day.

My sister made the trip to Waco in March but didn’t end up going into the market because the line to get in went around the block so she asked if we’d be interested in going. My mom is a huge Fixer Upper fan so we thought it’d be a fun day trip for the 3 of us to take together. Although I had only watched the show once, I remembered really liking their style so I figured I would enjoy myself there.

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