PSA – Be Kind to Others

This will be a bit of a random post but I feel the need to put out some reminders and positive energy into the universe given some current happenings.

Let me start by saying that I do not watch the news…I find it far too depressing to hear all the awful things going on in the world and I can’t handle it. I’ll look at some websites for big news but it’s a controlled setting where I can just see headline. I don’t have to see all the awful details of particular stories.

However, I do love reading celebrity news. I check TMZ and People daily and enjoy keeping up on my favorite (and not so favorite) celebrities. My mom has gotten People magazine as long as I can remember so I’ve always looked forward to reading them. I fully know that those stories aren’t always the full/true story but I still enjoy them.

I feel like when it comes to the Kardashians, people have strong feelings one way or the other. You either watch the show and are a fan or you can’t stand them. I consider myself a fan – I started watching the show a couple years ago and got sucked into the Kardashian world (I especially love Khloe and Scott – they are both HILARIOUS). I follow most of them on Instagram and Snapchat but I haven’t gone to the craze of buying their apps, makeup, clothes, etc.

As everyone knows at this point, Kim had an awful experience in Paris earlier this week where she was tied up by armed intruders who robbed her of millions of dollars worth of jewelry. I read about it Sunday night and had different thoughts run through my mind but never would I have guessed others were having such awful thoughts towards a person they’ve never met.

“Why doesn’t she do some good for charity instead of flaunting her riches wearing next to nothing.”

“Well I bet she’s LOVING this! I would like to think that this is not a publicly stunt but it all seems fishy.”

“Too bad they didn’t end her pathetic life”

The first 2 comments were from Facebook and the last was from the comments section on TMZ. I struggle even having a response that people are so willing to post such negative, awful thoughts against another human being. I know the internet allows people to hide behind a computer screen and say awful thing without having any accountability but it still shocks me a bit. Comments sections on sites are super easy to hide behind as you can post under a username that has no identifying information but it still surprises me to see the things people post on Facebook for the world to see.

Regardless of your feelings towards Kim (or any of the Kardashians for that matter) she’s still a human being. She’s someone’s daughter, sister, wife, mother, and friend…think for a minute about if someone said the things above about your mom/sister/daughter/friend after a horribly terrifying incident. I understand she’s a celebrity and not everyone will like her – but to wish she was killed during this incident? To accuse her of loving being tied up and held at gunpoint? To insinuate she deserves what happens for being proud of her accomplishments?

Will any of these comments have any impact to Kim? Probably not. I can’t imagine at a time like this that she’s focused on anything other than her family but I think of the comments that are posted online about people who aren’t celebrities. I think of all the kids and young adults who might read similar hate online and what the impact to those individuals could be.

So today I want to remind you to be kind. It doesn’t cost a thing. You never know what kindness may mean to others who may have struggles that you know nothing about. In this world, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the negativity and hate; the internet makes it easy to express your feelings on any given topic with the click of a “post” button. But just remember that your words could have an impact on another in a significant way.

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