Magnolia Market Review from Someone Who Doesn’t Watch Fixer Upper

I’ve found that I get a bit of shock when I say I don’t watch Fixer Upper. Years ago, I watched HGTV for hours upon hours and loved shows like House Hunters. I had a few things spoil most of the shows for me (I won’t share so that I don’t spoil it for you too) so now the only thing I watch regularly is Flip or Flop. I had seen Fixer Upper one time before visiting Magnolia Market but that wasn’t enough for me to consider myself a true fan of Chip and Joanna’s.

Magnolia Market Review

My mom and I had planned a trip to visit my sister and her family in Dallas and when we planned it, we thought we’d spend most of the time spoiling my niece that we don’t get to see near enough. We booked the trip on a whim when we found flights for under $80 roundtrip (thank you Southwest) but we failed to realize that it was my niece’s first week of Kindergarten so she would be in school during the day.

My sister made the trip to Waco in March but didn’t end up going into the market because the line to get in went around the block so she asked if we’d be interested in going. My mom is a huge Fixer Upper fan so we thought it’d be a fun day trip for the 3 of us to take together. Although I had only watched the show once, I remembered really liking their style so I figured I would enjoy myself there.

I read some reviews on Yelp and I’m not going to lie – I was nervous. Based on the reviews, I expected it to be a huge mass of people all crammed in a little store barely able to breathe let alone shop or look around. You can imagine my excitement when we arrived to see no line to get in and found parking just a block away.

Magnolia Market 8

We all needed to hit the restroom so that was our first stop. The line to checkout was about 10 people deep and the bathroom was about the same. I am happy to say the bathroom line was the longest one we waited in all day by a long shot! There were a few items to look at while we were waiting and the bathroom was gorgeous! I don’t have kiddos but they had a changing table and provided disposable table covers – I can imagine this is a plus for all the moms out there!

After we took care of business, we walked the market and I fell in love with almost everything there. Instantly I saw some metal script words that were gorgeous and at $29, I figured it was the perfect item to take home since it would fit in my suitcase without risking putting me over the baggage weight limit. My mom and I both got the gather one and have a couple ideas of how I’m going to use it in my home.


I’m a sucker for signs in my house – if money were no concern and my hubby wasn’t around I think every wall would be covered in cute signs. It’s a good thing I had to travel home otherwise I might have gone bankrupt purchasing all the fun signs. My faves include this and this. I also ended up grabbing myself a cute tank and a small metal Magnolia script sign for my coworker (that was the first day they had them and I don’t see them on the website yet).

The cashier told us to make sure to visit the Seed + Supply garden section so that’s where we headed to next. Talk about a garden! It was a lovely area with tons of flowers, herbs, and the cutest fairy houses + accessories.


I love the idea of having a garden but I’m terrible at keeping things alive (aside from my dog and husband). When we redid our backyard, I did have a water line ran to the area where I envisioned a garden so maybe someday. I would love to have a wall of herbs like this one.


The Seed + Supply store had all things gardening including those adorable fairy houses and every fairy house accessory you could need! We almost got one for my niece for her garden but we thought $40 for the house alone was a bit spendy.

There were several food trucks in the back and tons of cute seating areas. I LOVE the black and white striped awnings over the tables. If it’s black and white stripes, there’s a 97% chance I’ll be a fan of it. We had picked up breakfast on the way to Waco so we weren’t hungry enough for lunch but the grilled cheese truck was definitely tempting me.


The big green lawn was so perfect and I can imagine when the weather is nicer that kids love running around and playing the games they have. It was HUMID when we were there – side note, I do not get along with humidity – so most people were sitting by the silos where there was covered seating with misters.

As we pulled up, we had seen that almost everyone walking by leaving had a box from the bakery so we opted to save that for last. As a strong dessert supporter, I think I was most excited for the bakery. Talk about a gorgeous bakery – I loved everything about it including this adorable motto.


When you walk in, you get a paper with the menu listed where you fill out the number of each item that you want. The actual menu was way to pretty for a piece of paper to hold my attention. We ordered a variety of items and realized maybe we went a little overboard when the total was almost $40 #sugaroverload.


Here’s what I ordered with my little review of each:

Silo Cookie – Classic chocolate chip cookie + peanut butter chips and walnuts – One of the tastiest cookies I’ve ever had. Super thick and all sorts of amazing texture!

Almond Carre – Sweet almond pastry with a light glaze – I had this for breakfast the next day at the airport and it was delicious! You really can’t go wrong with anything almond.

Silobration Cupcake – Vanilla cupcake + chocolate buttercream icing with sprinkles – If you only get one thing at the bakery, I say go with this one. The cupcake itself was not very sweet but when paired with the chocolate icing, it was the absolutely perfect combo. I’m not a huge icing or frosting fan because it’s typically too sweet but I could eat a dozen of these cupcakes no problem. Plus how can you resist those sprinkles??


It was slightly embarrassing when we picked up our order…As I said we watched people walking by with a single box from the bakery. When ours was ready it was in 4 boxes that we saw everyone else with plus 1 giant box. You only live once right?

Silos Baking Co 4

Overall, I really enjoyed our trip to Magnolia and would absolutely recommend it even if you don’t watch the show! Coincidentally Fixer Upper was on during my flight home so I watched a couple episodes. It was fun seeing some of the products from the store be used in the show so I’ll definitely be watching it more!

I’d love to hear if you are a Fixer Upper fan and if you’ve been to Magnolia Market!

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