My Disney World FAVES – 2017

We went to Disney World in December for our 7th trip and I already want to plan our next trip back! We only spent 3 days in the park this trip so I didn’t get to do everything I wanted to but it was an amazing time nonetheless!

My favorite things at Disney World! 2017 Edition!

I had to add a date to the post because I feel like my favorite things change from year to year especially as they add new attractions and areas in the parks! This was our first time visiting Pandora at Animal Kingdom and it did not disappoint! I can’t wait to see what’s to come with the Toy Story and Star Wars areas coming this year and next.

The main thing we didn’t get to do was experience Pandora and Animal Kingdom at night {sad emoji here}. Last year I LOVED the Tree of Life Awakenings but Rivers of Light wasn’t open yet so I really wanted to see that. I’ve also heard Pandora is amazing at night so I’ll just have to wait for both those during our next trip!

Here are my top 5 things at Disney World as of right now!

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So You’re Going to Disney World – Tips from a Pro

We are officially on a two month countdown to our trip to Disney World and I am so excited! I booked our fast passes this morning, have some new Disney shirts on their way from Amazon and now it’s just waiting for the fun to begin!

Disney World Planning Tips from a Pro!

This will be our 7th trip to Disney World and I’ve learned a lot during booking the last three trips. Some history, we used to always go to Orlando with my husband’s family in October and we’d usually spend one night and two day at Disney World. They are all Universal fans but Disney World was always my favorite for MANY reasons.

In 2015, we took a trip to Orlando with our friends and opted to go in December to experience Christmas. We always decided to go for six days and spend four days in the parks – double the amount of time we usually get! We had so much fun that we went again in 2016. This year my husband’s family postponed their trip to December and we are bringing the two newest members of our family who have never been!

Planning a Disney World trip can be overwhelming but here are my tips to help make it as smooth as possible! My tips are based on staying on Disney property which I would highly recommend!

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7 Things You Can’t Miss at Disney Land

7 Things You Can't Miss at Disney LandWe just got back from our anniversary trip to California and we spent a day at Disney Land. As a kid I visited Disney Land and always had fun but I never proclaimed to be a huge Disney lover or freak. Then as an adult I visited Disney World and that’s where it all changed. #DisneyFreakStatus

There’s so many “best of” lists out there for Disney but I’m going to share my personal faves! I always think it’s fun to hear what others favorite things are as there are typically differences. Quite honestly, my favorite things probably change from trip to trip but here’s what I’m digging based on our most recent visit.

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3 Things I Don’t Love About Disney Land

This might not be a popular post so I’ll start by saying I do love Disney Land but there are some thing that really make me sad there! I’ve been fortunate to have visited Disney World several times and having been there, it kinda ruins some parts of Disney Land.

I'm a huge Disney fan but there's a few things I don't love about Disney Land...especially after visiting Disney World!

Last week my hubby and I took off to California for our anniversary trip and we kicked it off at Disney Land. We were there last in December 2013 and spent 2 days at both parks. This year we decided to just go for 1 day and only go to Disney Land – I couldn’t justify the extra $120 to park hop just for one day.

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