7 Things You Can’t Miss at Disney Land

7 Things You Can't Miss at Disney LandWe just got back from our anniversary trip to California and we spent a day at Disney Land. As a kid I visited Disney Land and always had fun but I never proclaimed to be a huge Disney lover or freak. Then as an adult I visited Disney World and that’s where it all changed. #DisneyFreakStatus

There’s so many “best of” lists out there for Disney but I’m going to share my personal faves! I always think it’s fun to hear what others favorite things are as there are typically differences. Quite honestly, my favorite things probably change from trip to trip but here’s what I’m digging based on our most recent visit.

7. Dole Whips

I absolutely LOVE pineapple so it’s not a surprise that Dole Whips are one of my favorite treats at Disney! I’ve recently been dealing with blood sugar issues so I haven’t had pineapple in over 6 months so the Dole Whip on this trip was even more of a treat. They have a few options with floats but I just go for the standard soft serve ice cream. This may or may not have been half of our lunch for the day…best thing about adulting might be eating junk food for meals.

7 Things You Can't Miss at Disney Land!

6. Peter Pan  

I’m chuckling to myself as I type this because it always makes me laugh that Peter Pan’s Flight is one of the most popular rides at both Disney Land and World! The one at Land opened in 1955 when the park opened and had some upgrades in 1983. I love that one of the originals still manages to bring in huge crowds more than 60 years later!

7 Things You Can't Miss at Disney Land!

This was my husband’s favorite ride as a kid so we always try to ride it. This was our longest wait (I think it ended up being about 50 minutes). My favorite part is flying over the city and that Nana is in it – if there’s a dog involved there’s a 98% chance I’m going to love it!

7 Things You Can't Miss at Disney Land!

Now you might have to wait a bit for Peter Pan but I think it’s totally worth the wait! We used the app to watch the wait times and got in line when it had dropped a bit.

5. Churros

There’s nothing like a fresh, hot churro. Those things are so dang tasty! My sister in law actually tagged me in a video on Facebook the morning we arrived of the best treats at Disney and it included Golden Churros in New Orleans Square. Now we’ve had some disappointing churros so we decided to try these ones out.

7 Things You Can't Miss at Disney Land!

BEST. CHURRO. EVER!!! This might have been the second half of our lunch…And we might have gone back for another one for an afternoon snack. If you go for a churro, don’t go anywhere else! These ones are super fresh and rolled in the cinnamon/sugar right while you’re paying! They did have an option for golden sugar (I think it was lemon) but we opted for the good ol’ traditional version.

7 Things You Can't Miss at Disney Land!

4. Haunted Mansion 

This has always been my favorite Disney ride and I do remember really loving it as a kid! The best part of the whole ride is at the end when ghosts hitch a ride in your car. The overweight ghost who squeezed in was always my favorite as a kid. They’ve gotten fancy with technology and my new favorite ghost is the one who swaps your heads!

7 Things You Can't Miss at Disney Land!

3. Indiana Jones

This is one of the biggest things missing at Disney World! This is such a fun ride and it made me so sad that it was closed for refurbishment while we were there. I actually read that it was going to be closed a few weeks before our trip but I didn’t tell my husband. Given we are going to Disney World later this year, he might have opposed going if he knew it was going to be down. So I kept that small detail to myself!

2. Ice Cream & Fireworks 

7 Things You Can't Miss at Disney Land!

There’s no better way to end a trip to Disney than enjoying tasty ice cream and watching fireworks! We could only experience half of it this time but there’s still nothing like enjoying ice cream on Main Street. The park was almost closing while we sat and ate ours so it was perfect people watching time! We saw lots of parents who deserve huge props for carrying sleeping kiddos out of the park. My feet hurt from a busy day so I couldn’t imagine having to carry a kiddo at the end of it!

7 Things You Can't Miss at Disney Land!

1. HyperSpace Mountain

Finally our most favorite part of this trip was HyperSpace Mountain!! A few weeks before our trip I was checking the app for wait times to get an idea of what we’d experience and Space Mountain had over a 2 hour wait. I noticed it was HyperSpace Mountain and then found that it had the addition of Star Wars.

7 Things You Can't Miss at Disney Land!

I was really excited to see what it was all about and I didn’t tell my husband about it so that he was surprised. We ended up getting Fast Passes for it all day (except for 1 other ride) because it was so much fun! It was limited time so it’s now back to regular Space Mountain but it’s been there temporarily a few times so hopefully it comes back in the future. If you have the chance to go if it comes back, definitely experience it!

7 Things You Can't Miss at Disney Land!

Now that I’ve shared my favorites from Disney Land, I’d love to hear your favorites so I can make sure to do those on our next trip!

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